Clinical Research
Clinical Research

WHAT are clinical research trials?

Testing new treatments or devices under approved guidelines, usually the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

WHY do we do clinical research trials?

To gain early experience with the effectiveness of these treatments or devices for use as tools to treat eye diseases and conditions.

WHO is eligible?

It depends on the design of the study and the type of drugs being tested. Many patients have been involved.

WHEN are trials conducted?

Throughout the year. Some are a few weeks in length and some last for several months.

AM I a candidate?

You may be. Please ask your doctor about current or upcoming trials today, or ask for one of our clinical trial coordinators to give you a call (269-428-3300 x 299 or 1-800-424-2393 x 299).

WHAT is in it for me?

Knowledge and satisfaction that what you are doing may benefit someone in the future—man, woman, or child.

More Information

Great Lakes Eye Care has been a center for ophthalmic clinical research for many years. We work with some of the leading ophthalmic drug companies to investigate the safety and efficacy of new drugs and surgical devices that have the potential of being beneficial for the treatment of many common ophthalmic disorders. Our research staff experience allows us to implement these projects into our practice. By being involved with new products in the early stages, we are able to prescribe treatments with new drugs or technology with proven experience for expected results.  

At any given time, we may be involved with research projects involving drops or technology to lower eye pressure for the treatment of glaucoma.  Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States.  Ongoing studies may also include treatment for dry eye syndome and new formulations for steroidal or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drops following cataract extraction surgery or with other eye inflammation problems.  All of the above research studies are overseen by the FDA and are required steps in the process of testing new products before final FDA approval.

The doctors of Great Lakes Eye Care have the benefit of firsthand experience, with consenting patients from the practice, to be part of the clinical trials of new drugs in research.   Our patients also benefit from the aspect of being able to take part in the technology of testing the effectiveness of these new therapies.



Mission Statement

Our Value: To emulate Christ's example of compassion, humility, and integrity in all relationships.

Our Mission: To preserve and restore eyesight, both in our community and around the world.

Our Operating Philosophy: To provide the highest quality of care to every patient, using the best available technology, research and continuing education for our doctors and staff, both now and in the future.

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