Routine Eye Exam

Routine Eye Exams

Regardless of your age or physical health, it is important for everyone to have regular eye examinations.

When an ophthalmologist or optometrist examines your eyes, he or she is doing more than checking to see if you need glasses.  During a complete eye exam, your doctor will not only determine if you need glasses or contacts, but will also check your eyes for common eye diseases, make sure your eyes are working well together, and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health.   Such an exam will usually take anywhere between 1 1/2  to 2 hours, depending on your doctor, his or her caseload, and the number and complexity of tests required for your eyes.

At Great Lakes Eye Care, these are the various steps involved during your visit to us:


Please register with one of the staff members at our front desk.  They will verify your address and telephone number and make sure that all of your billing information is complete and correct.  (Please bring your insurance cards with you to each visit.)  This process will take approximately five minutes.

Technician work up :

After you have registered, one of our qualified technicians will take you into an exam room where he or she will ask you a variety of questions pertaining to your visit that day. They will discuss the reason for the visit, review or update your health history and current medications, check your vision, and perform a general assessment of your eyes. In most instances, they will also screen for glaucoma; check your refractive error, and instill drops that will dilate your eyes. This part of your exam will take approximately twenty minutes.

You will then be escorted to a waiting room to relax while your pupils dilate.  This will take about fifteen to twenty minutes.

M.D. examination:

After your eyes are dilated, you will be called by a doctor's assistant who will escort you to one of our examination rooms where you will meet with your doctor. The doctor will review the information gathered by the technician and proceed with his portion of your examination. The doctor will spend the amount of time necessary to evaluate your particular eye problem and answer any questions you may have.

If it is determined that surgery is the necessary treatment, you will also meet with one of our surgery schedulers. They will review the consent-for-surgery forms with you, review your pre-surgical instructions, and schedule your surgery and postoperative appointments with the doctor. This process can last anywhere from twenty to forty minutes, depending on the surgical procedure that will be scheduled.

Check Out:

You will then be escorted to our patient check-out area. At this station, our staff will enter the charges for that day's visit into our billing system, collect any co-payment or co-insurance, deductible, or self-pay balances due, and will schedule your follow-up or next annual appointment. This will take approximately ten minutes

Please note that contact-lens evaluations, laser-surgery work-ups and pediatric eye examinations often require additional, more specialized testing.

After your examination, if it is determined that you need glasses, you are welcome to visit our optical department (St. Joseph and South Haven offices only) to shop for a fashionable pair of glasses. However, it is not necessary that you purchase your glasses here. You are welcome to shop at one of the many fine optical stores in the area.

Your eye care is important to us. Please call any of our three locations today to schedule your eye exam.


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