A testimonial regarding crystalens implants:

"My vision has never been better.  I can actually  see much clearer than I have for so many years. I have really enjoyed the crystalens for distance and reading vision.  It's the best vision I've had for forever.  The convenience of not wearing glasses is terrific.  It has really worked well for me."

Jennifer C. 

Testimonials regarding LASIK:

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I had LASIK done about 5 years ago.  Before that I wore glasses for 25 years. I had to find my glasses every morning upon rising to see the clock or just start my day.  With LASIK, I don't have to keep track of where my glasses are or make time to get another glasses prescription.  I have better than 20/20 vision since having LASIK.  It was the best thing I could have done for myself." 

Mary L.

"As I write this, it has been almost 9 weeks since my LASIK procedure.  I have finally stopped reaching for my glasses first thing in the morning and I have stopped thinking, "I have to take these contacts out."   After 30 years, those habits are hard to break.  It is incomprehensible to me that my vision is PERFECT and uncorrected.  I am so grateful to my doctor and the staff at Great Lakes Eye Care for the positive experience and wonderful outcome from my procedure. 

I took almost two years to contemplate and financially plan for this procedure.  I read every article I could, did internet searches, and even visited another facility (recommended by my optometrist).  At the other facility, I was told that they would put my name on my shoulder, upside down, so that the doctor would know on whom he or she was working.  In other words, I would not meet the doctor prior to my procedure. 

After contact with Dr. Seward and the staff at Great Lakes Eye Care, I knew it was the right place for me.  I was able to spend as much time as I needed to ask questions and make a good decision about the procedures to be used WITH my doctor.  And I am so glad to have a local provider that if I had follow-up questions or concerns, was readily available to me.  The biggest thrill I got after my LASIK was to be able to go swimming, go under water, jump in, and get splashed without discomfort and still be able to see where I was and whom I was with.  That was great!  I would highly recommend this procedure and Great Lakes Eye Care to anyone considering LASIK.

Karen H.

A testimonial regarding Custom PRK:

I was so excited about having Custom PRK at Great Lakes Eye Care, that it was kind of a disappointment that my surgery was rescheduled.  Dr. Wang decided that since I had contracted a mild form of "pink eye" the week prior to my procedure, it would be best to postpone the surgery until the following month.  Now it's been three weeks since my surgery and I'm having no complications.  I feel so free without my glasses and even get to buy those cute sunglasses right off the rack!  My vision is good and I can tell it's improving every day.  The staff at Great Lakes are totally professional and put me at ease during the whole time before and after the procedure. We're so lucky to have such expertise and state-of-the-art technology available to us right in our own area.  It just seems miraculous to me to wake up with clear vision every morning!

Thanks Great Lakes!

Susan S.

Cataract Surgery:

I want to thank Dr. Brown and his staff for giving me the wonderful gift of sight that I never had.  Having worn glasses for 63 years, I never knew that my life could change so much.  The cataract surgery was so easy, and I've told everyone that it was a breeze.  The day the first eye was done, I went and played Bingo that same night and was amazed how well I could see!!

Barbara F.



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