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Our very own Dr David L Cooke was unanimously elected to be a speaker at the scientific session of the very exclusive invitation-only club called the IOL Power Club (IPC) in October 2018.  This was obviously a signficant honor and is primarily due to the intensive efforts and hard work by Dr. Cooke and his son Tim, a math and computer guru, to work improving the accuracy of intraocular lens calculations for all sizes of eyes.  

For the lay person, this is a small organization of ophthalmologists from around the world, who get together and discuss the science of optimizing the calculation and selection of choosing the right power of the intraocular lens implant. 

Their website states:  "The IOL Power Club, (IPC), is a private international non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the science of optimized intraocular lens power selection algorithms and technology. In addition to organizing membership activities, IPC provides a forum for leading scientists and physicians to share information and ideas to promote the development of practical applications of vision science." (

We are proud of Dr. Cooke as his work was well received by the prestigious attendees.  We anticipate more interest in his IOL calculation formulas.