Over the years, doctors at Great Lakes Eye Care have worked quite extensively in Africa.   In 1999, Dr. Brown moved his family to Tenwek Hospital in Kenya to serve for nearly 2 years.  Dr. Seward spent 3 years fairly recently in Lusaka, Zambia serving with Christian Blind Mission.

Vision Outreach International has had many trips to Africa over the years serving in the following countries:

Sierre Leone

Currently, VOI is planning their trip to Africa this fall.  To read more about this, please click here - https://visionoutreach.org/mission-stories/

Dr. Pletcher has been invited to both Kenya and Rwanda this spring to teach lacrimal surgery and also to work on microscopes in 2 mission hospitals.  Dr. Ben Roberts, missionary to Tenwek Hospital, Kenya and Dr. Piet Noe, Belgian ophthalmologist in Kigali, Rwanda are the two ophthalmologists who have asked him to visit.